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2nd Annual Cyber Summit Announced

Great Progress from Last Year


Last year, the ACA hosted a highly successful and constructive summit discussing Arkansas’ and the Nation’s demand for greater collaboration between the private and public sector to reduce cyber risks through enhanced information sharing and stronger workforce development programs.

Since December, our team has been hard at work developing a comprehensive strategy for the American Cyber Alliance. Several initiatives are underway, including: (1) advanced workforce development programs; (2) an enhanced information sharing capability that leverages government derived information; and (3) an Arkansas specific strategy, the “Arkansas Cyber Initiative,” which was signed by Governor Asa Hutchinson last week.

What to Expect This Fall

Our 2nd Annual Cyber Summit will be held on October 17, 2019. On top of celebrating our collective success of Operationalizing Cybersecurity, we will also be furthering collaborations between the private and public sectors to develop and refine capabilities that reduce cybersecurity threats.

During this year’s summit, we will moderate discussions with Arkansas’ Chief Information Security Officers and academic, state and federal cyber professionals to discuss the evolving threat landscape. We will share successful SMB responses to cyber risks and present new and innovative technology that have been developed. Breakout sessions will be held to facilitate interactions between academic and private sector partners to focus on strategies to develop a more cyber-literate workforce. Furthermore, we will be curating private sector interactions to develop trusted collaborations.

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