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ACA Launches Cyber Apprenticeship Program (Starts this Fall)

The ACA has launched a Cyber Apprenticeship program to advanced the skills of cyber operators for corporate employers. Split into 2-eight week sessions, the apprentice can expect hands-on full time immersion training. Classroom curriculum along with field instruction and on-keyboard active simulation will prepare apprentices for the cyber demands of the workplace.

The first session focuses in on adversary emulation and managing incident response. Apprentices will learn various strategies to detect and mitigate cyber threats that occur in both the private and public sector.

The second session transitions into a hands-on experience as a Cyber trainee in a SOC/SCIF, with concentration on specific employer mentoring to enable workplace readiness upon graduation.

For Employer Partners, the Cyber Apprenticeship Program ensures a highly qualified and skilled new hire and/or re-tooled employee without the use of excessive time and resources. Apprenticeship programs aide in the growth of business, improve productivity and reduce employee turnover.

For Cyber Professionals and Service Members, the program provides incomparable cyber training and mentorship to advance your career. Eligible service members are able to complete apprenticeship requirements during 6 month CSP.


Interviews will begin on July 15th and apprentices selected for the Fall of 2019 cohort will be notified by July 31st.

Session 1 begins on August 19th @ 8 AM


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