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Launching the American Cyber Alliance

The increasing pace of technological advances in every business, industry and government sector has driven related cyber threats to the nation’s critical infrastructure. With systems failures ranging from financial fraud to nation-state disruption of critical infrastructure, the soaring costs of cybercrime are predicted to reach $6 trillion worldwide in as early as 2021. In every sector, the need for cybersecurity employees is on an upward trajectory, but educational and training programs cannot meet the demands of the marketplace. The current shortage of cybersecurity employees stands at over 1 million and is expected to reach 3.5 million within three years, according to industry analysts. Meeting the nation’s cyber workforce needs and conducting research to quickly and effectively predict future cyber threats are the keys to protecting America’s public and private infrastructure.

We believe that a unique set of resources exist in the region that can be leveraged to build capacity for cyber threat reduction. We’re excited today to announce the formation of the American Cyber Alliance as a group of businesses, state and federal agencies, academia and others who recognize the importance of sharing cyber threat intelligence and collaborating on new ways to mitigate cyber risks and develop new solutions to enhance the resiliency of America’s Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources. We also believe that a unified state strategy to build Arkansas’ workforce is critical to both protect the citizens of the State of Arkansas and to build the technical capacity needed for tomorrow’s workforce.

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