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The American Cyber Alliance has partnered with ACDS to offer a world-class Cybersecurity Apprenticeship and Training Bootcamp program. ACDS manages the registered apprenticeship and ACA provides the content, curriculum, instructors and student training experiences. Together, we are developing Cyber Defenders to better secure our companies, our community and the nation.

ACA Cyber Training Bootcamp Overview

  • ACA has developed a modular-based curriculum (aligned to NICE standard) leveraging input from CISOs and cyber operators

  • We have recruited experienced and qualified instructors who have years of experience being both cyber operators for industry and military

  • Our training program is a full 14 weeks of immersive on-keyboard active simulation, classroom instruction and field experience

  • The course work includes Labs & Projects and guest modules will be taught by experienced cyber professionals

  • The bootcamp will be Monday thru Friday from 9 to 5pm at our downtown Little Rock location

Training Tuition

  • Participant: $0 with employer sponsorship

  • Employer Partner: $15,500 tuition per apprentice*

*Partial grant reimbursements for Arkansas employers are available. Ask our team for more information. There is no cost to participate in the Registered Apprenticeship Program.

ACA & ACDS working together TO BUILD QUALITY, Registered CYBER Apprenticeship Program

The cyber apprenticeship program teaches the objectives of a given employer position by combining classroom-based curriculum from instructors who’ve served within the United States Department of Defense with hands-on field experience with peer driven mentorship and performance evaluation. This program is a Registered Apprenticeship program through US Department of Labor and Department of Defense (DOD application in process).

How the process works:

  • ACDS sources nation-wide and pre-screens qualified applicants for employers based on employer guidelines and requirements

  • Employer selects 3-5 applicants (or more) for interview then determines which ones it wishes to select

  • ACDS works with employers to formalize the Apprenticeship Program within their organization and sign required documentation (this is very straightforward)

  • Employer/ACDS then notifies ACA of application section/hiring for on-boarding into the Cyber Training Bootcamp

To get started with ACDS or learn more about the Registered Cyber Apprenticeship Program, please click here.

To learn more about the ACA Cyber Training Bootcamp, please call us at 501-500-0812.








The hands-on experience gained in this program is critical to keeping pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape.
— ACA Corporate Partner


The Need for Cyber Talent

Total # US Cybersecurity Jobs


Total # Arkansas Cybersecurity Jobs


# US Red Team Openings

129,000 +

What You’ll Learn

Cyber Hunter 101 (First 8 Weeks)

The first module focuses in on adversary emulation and managing incident response.  Apprentices will learn various strategies to identify cyber threats in a system.

Core Topics

  • Security Operations

  • Penetration Testing

  • Incident Response

  • Forensics

  • Automating threat intelligence analysis and research

  • Classroom instruction & on-keyboard Cyber Range simulations

  • Detecting Command & Control tactics

Cyber Hunter 201 (Second 6 Weeks)

During this module apprentices will get more hands-on experience as a Cyber hunter.

Core Topics

  • Move out of classroom into a corporate SOC or SCIF*

  • Analyzing Intelligence

  • Incident Detection and Management

  • Vulnerability and Red Team Management

  • Improved Blue Team Integration

Additional Learnings

Participants will gain familiarity with tools and techniques, like:

  • Tripwire Enterprise

  • Tenable

  • Forcepoint

  • Cylance

  • QRadar

  • Microsoft ATP

The ACA Cyber Apprenticeship program prepares cyber operators to conduct threat assessments and defend critical networks.
— Lee Watson, Founder ACA

From Our Blog

Opportunities for Military Service Members

Active Duty military may be eligible for the CSP education transition to civilian employment opportunity.

Service Members

  • Enhance current skill set

  • Complete apprenticeship requirements during transition

  • Employment after discharge with no debt

Ready to Become a Civilian Cyber Operator? Just complete the easy next steps.

  1. Apply for the program so that we can begin the interview process

  2. Complete the appropriate request for DoD SkillBridge program

Learn more about the DoD SkillBridge program.

The cyber apprenticeship program provides an active duty service member a focused transition to civilian employment and provides them with the operational skills needed to conduct civilian cyber operations.
— Col. (Ret.) Rob Ator - USAF